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Biodiesel Distribution:
Progress, Obstacles and Opportunities

Recorded: Tuesday, September 1, 2015 | 2:00 PM CDT

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Ron Kotrba
Biodiesel Magazine
Bubba Lange
Senior Vice President of Solutions Engineering, Avalara Inc.
Mike Devine
New England Sales and Marketing Consultant, Amerigreen Energy Inc.
Brian Roberts
President, Cowichan Biodiesel Cooperative

Biodiesel has many great attributes, but in today’s market, what value proposition do wholesalers, distributors, blenders and retailers ascribe to biodiesel and Bioheat in order to gain—or retain—customers? State incentives can play a big role in promoting biodiesel distribution and retail chains, but what other tools are leveraged to connect upstream production with downstream use? How has the delayed RFS rules affected the build-out of biodiesel distribution infrastructure? What is the state of the North American biodiesel distribution infrastructure today? Where do opportunities exist for development of infrastructure and supply chain growth, and what is needed to facilitate these? How have business models of biodiesel distributors changed with the market?

Hear from a diverse mix of speakers representing a range of businesses address supply chain challenges, taxation, multistate transactions, wholesaling and POS systems, among other timely topics, as they relate to the development of a comprehensive North American biodiesel distribution network.